Fun fact: initially, I did not intend for Ella to literally wear mittens, I wanted her flippers on display from her very first introduction – I wrote Riley’s text with “mitts” as slang. I very much appreciate how Rudy took it literally in his storyboard, as it I really feel it helped to cement Ella’s awesome sense of fashion. So Ella thinks she’s a kind of… seal? Well, who are we to judge?

So hello, and welcome back to another page of Waterfront! We updated a bit later than usual today – we did so before a live audience in the scenic refurbished prison-fortress, the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden where Rudy and I took up office! We also learned that we might be moving fairly soon (to another location within the Blokhuispoort), we’ll keep you posted on this. For those of you who’ve read the pre-launch blogs, you may have noticed that we don’t exactly have a great deal of furniture to lug around. We travel light, like proud desert nomads (that, and we just didn’t have a lot of space to fill with furniture in the first place). Most likely, the move should not interfere with our update-schedule.

To all of our old and new viewers – the comment-section is yours, feel free to use them at your leisure. Check back soon!