Rudy Faber

Makes the pictures on your screen.

Richard Jonkman

Rearranges the words.

From our office in the former Blokhuispoort-prison, we bring action, adventure and drama to your screen… through electronic media!


Currently, we are working on WATERFRONT, a comic set in a world where civilization, by necessity, primarily takes place on the ocean surface. Our story begins on “La Palazza”, a massive paddle wheeler that has seen better days and is home to a floating circus and its curious inhabitants, the ranks of which are often in flux.



Follow an unlucky pickpocket along the business-end of the ship, under dire circumstances! Witness excitement and intrigue, betrayal and revenge! Shiver at daring displays of fashion and swashbuckling! Frown at acts of reckless child-endangerment! Giants, selkies, firebrands and more await you in chapter one!



Currently in progress, where the good folks aboard La Palazza must deal with the fall-out from the events in chapter one. Going in-depth would once again place us into spoiler-territory – and we must not go there! Instead, click on the header and follow the course. Possibly to action and adventure! Possibly to tragedy and heartbreak! Who can say? We could, but we absolutely won’t!



Oh, now you’re just being silly.