Welcome, have no fear – this isn’t a belated April Fool’s page, nor have we cancelled your regularly scheduled webcomic in favour of bringing you soccer-based science (or, for that matter, science-based soccer).

As previously mentioned, Rudy and I were invited to participate in a local comic-battle, and by “local”, we of course mean “Dutch”. This is our submission, and we bring this to you as a way to apologise for our lack of updates on Friday – and, let’s be honest, we also submit this to you in the hopes that you’ll have our backs when the voting starts!

The topic we were given was “World Cup Soccer”, which was kind of a tough one, given that I’m not a massive soccer-fan – and to our shared great regret, the Dutch team hasn’t been doing so well as of late. This is why the dashing and daring scientists in our submission have take to clone-technology in order to rebuild a team from the DNA of the Dutch players who won the European Cup back in, oh my, 1988. Has it really been that long? Such sorrow, such regrets!

For your convenience, I will transcribe the page in English – and for Rudy’s convenience and my own, we decided to play the parts of the scientists. Do not try this at home, we are trained professionals!



Scientist 1: “Welcome, lady and gentlemen, to our sports-laboratory! Here you can see the latest developments in sports-technology…
Scientist 1: …And our last hope of, ah, participating in a World Cup (or European Cup…)


Scientist 1: “As you know, the public’s confidence in our current Dutch soccer-team has sunk to an all-time low…”


Scientist 1: “And that’s why we’ve decided to go back to tried-and-tested methods!”


Scientist 2: “Ta-daah!”
Scientist 1: “Behold, our Dutch Soccer-team!”


Investor 3: “My God… this project must have cost billions!”


Scientist 1: “That’s right! And that is why we’ve laid off the entire crop of professional soccer-players…”
Scientist 1: “…Because these guys will still work for the same fees as back in `88!”


Now, we hope you’ve enjoyed this, even though there’s a lot of “you had to be there”-context to work through. Rest assured that we will return you to the WaterFront as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration, and check back soon!