Riley, Ella – Ella, Riley.

Eighteen pages in, and our day one protagonist is finally named! Meet Riley and Ella – we regret that it took us this long. Well, sort of; in all fairness we planned this way in advance. So… hey! Looks like we’re headed back inside, where it’s absolutely safe and nothing bad could possibly happen; I’m sure Donnie could not possibly escape to go on a horrifying rampage, those ropes look secure to me.

All of these pages still take place within the same timeframe – meaning that, in the past few real-time weeks, we’ve only been privy to the events of a single afternoon in the world of the Waterfront! It’s all part of the movie-magic, or to be more precise, webcomic-magic.

On a serious note: we’d very much like to know what you think about the pacing of both the updates and the comic itself. By all means, please let us know in the comment-section! Check back soon, we’ll perform an update for a live audience next friday at the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden. Feel free to drop by!