We intend to keep these pages mainly spoiler-free, updating them as the story progresses. So… sorry! Feel free to do some wild mass guessing of your own, we are convinced that that makes a murder-mystery all the more enticing.

Chapter One Update: There will definitely be spoilers here as to the events in chapter one. If at all possible, please hold your hand (or someone else’s hand) over these textblocks if you wish to read the initial, spoiler-free paragraphs.

Riley Sawyer

Approximately twelve years old in age, forty in cynicism and world-weariness. Riley grew up as one pickpocket among many – but as of late, things haven’t been going too well. A simple job at a target-rich environment – La Palazza – went wrong, and Riley was forced to flee the scene, only to land in an even worse scene. Unfortunately, Riley’s already poor luck took another turn for the worse when Ella showed up to charge headlong into more peril and misery. Should Riley survive all of this, at least there’ll probably be more cynicism to add to the tally. Chin up, Riley! It can’t possibly be all bad, maybe!

Chapter One Update: Apart from the botched theft, the discovery of a corpse, falling unconscious, hitting her head several times, getting doused with filthy water, being dragged onto Ella’s emotional rollercoaster and having her life threatened by an enraged murderer, it wasn’t so bad after all! But who or what is “Finnegan’s Flotsam”, Riley?

Ella Davis

Only a few years older than Riley, but infinitely more spirited – and infinitely more angry. Ella is a resident on La Palazza who has a tremendous chip on her shoulder and who appears to be outraged at the world in general – though she might be a lot kinder than she appears. Ella is impulsive, unfocused and in possession of an ecclectic fashion-sense that, unfortunately, she tends to force on those around her. Just look at poor Donnie, it’s not like he had much of a choice.

Chapter One Update: Ella was right! She’s not going to lord it over you, but she feels that it might help you grow as a person if you’re made aware that she was right all along…

Not even being threatened at sword-point is enough to permanently faze Ella, although Marlotta’s death cut pretty deep.

Donald Gotfried

HUGE. Also, possibly a murderer. Without an alibi and unable to alleviate the suspicions by himself – Donnie, what have you done?!

Chapter One Update: It would seem that Donnie was innocent of all charges. We never doubted you, Donnie.

Though thoroughly frightened and rendered catatonic at the time, Donnie’s uncomplicated mind has apparently all but shaken off the terrible events already. Although he’s dimly aware that he’s lost a friend that day, he figures he might also make a new friend in Riley, if she can overcome her initial shock.

No, it’s not exactly a fair trade, but are you going to tell him that?

Marlotta Zimmer

A popular singer billed as “Giselle”, known as Lottie to those close to her. Also unfortunately deceased.
Who killed her? Why was she killed in the first place? Was it Donnie, was it Ella? Was it Riley, pulling a double-bluff? Wait, where were you when she was killed?!

Marlotta was part of a burlesque performance-troupe, whose section of the circus is a bit more closed off to the common public. Some thrills are just designed for a slightly more discerning and mature audience.

Chapter One Update: Still deceased, there’s no coming back from that. Apparently Marlotta had a book in her possession that was worth killing over?


One of the performers in the circus-programme, billed as the Ferocious Fire-Eater.

Although if you want to get technical, what you saw her do was fire-breathing, not fire-eating – but come on, don’t be that guy.

Chapter One Update: Unknown.

Ventro Remington

Ringmaster and proprietor of the Big Top Circus aboard La Palazza, and leaseholder of the boat itself. Usually quiet and reserved, Ventro seems an odd choice for center-stage during every performance.

Though not necessarily a father to his crew, Ventro seems like he’d be a decent uncle-figure at least. It also seems he’s incapable of standing up to Madam Florence.

Chapter One Update: Dealing with Riley is more trouble than Ventro needs right now – he has to bury one of his star-acts. Give the guy a break.

We’ll bother him about his weird connection to Riley when he’s had some time to recover.

Florence Russo

A matronly figure aboard La Palazza, Madam Florence seems to hold a great deal of sway aboard the ship in general, and over Ventro in particular. She seems to have taken a shine to Riley for no apparent reason – what is your deal, lady?

Chapter One Update: Scrubbing and feeding unruly adolescents.


Initially appearing as the soldier who apprehended and publicly accused Donnie of Marlotta’s murder, it would now appear as though this mystery-man was the culprit himself. Instead of leaving the crime-scene, he foolishly decided to hang around, looking for something in particular.

Although he might at least be a competent killer, his composure took a hit in a confrontation with two little girls, at which point he started to slip into ridiculous clichés. That is not a good look, guy.

Chapter One Update: Missing, presumed alive.


Seemingly a good egg.