* Intermission *

Dear all,

This is Rudy, the person who brings you the pictures on your screen.
We have reached an intermission, or a season’s break if you will. WaterFront is an unpaid passion project – with the emphasis on passion, as I honestly can’t think of a project during my entire life that I enjoyed as much as I do working on this comic. Part of this is learning and developing a certain style that you’ve seen evolve from page one through to the page that you’re looking at right now.
Unfortunately, as often happens with very time consuming projects that are pure love, but don’t pay bills; it catches up… Therefore I will need to take a break from updating WaterFront to be able to take on other projects that do pay bills (which happens to be a job that I absolutely love as well) and I will need some time to work ahead on the comic, so that when WaterFront returns, it will be a weekly update like you are used to.

In the meantime you can expect occasional blog posts that feature illustrations accompanying stories/info revolving around WaterFront – as part of my break will be used for updating my illustration portfolio with new work, and I want part of this to be about the world and characters that Richard and I have created – so check in regularly or subscribe to posts, so you won’t miss out and be notified when WaterFront will return.

As a final note a shameless plug. Support indy artists and buy a print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/rudeone/

Thank you for understanding and for your support. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you back soon!