The end of the month draws near, and with it, the end of the pre-launch glimpses behind the scenes! As stated before, we might continue to show you parts of the process – but by then Waterfront should already be in full swing.

I feel that this is as good a time as any to give you a preliminary update-schedule: we’d like to begin by setting you up with a couple of pages of the comic at the start, so as to get a nice flow going. After that, we’ll initially update once per week, with the goal of increasing that to twice per week, time permitting.

I don’t mind admitting that both Rudy and myself are new to the wonderful world of webcomics, and as such we’re still really trying to find our footing. We just genuinely hope you’ll continue to accompany us on our journey, we still have many stories to tell you along the way. Maybe we’ll get to read some of yours in the comment-section!

Check back soon… for the final pre-launch update!



PS: bonus-art!┬áBut say, who’s that? She looks familiar, haven’t we seen her in an old image-header somewhere?

Ah, there you are!