Well then, this is it, the final pre-launch update! Today, we’re showing off this fierce lady, again without really giving any sort of readily available information. I am willing to disclose that she will definitely be part of the story.

Right now, Rudy and I are breaking for lunch, after which we’ll get right back to polishing up the pages we intend to publish tomorrow (tomorrow! How did that get here so¬†fast?!); checking for errors in the backgrounds and pallettes, spelling, punctuation et cetera. Metaphorically, you could say that we’re giving the floor a quick sweep and blowing on the paint to make it dry before the grand opening.

Speaking of speech (and details in general), you are welcome to let us know in the comments-section if, when and where we made mistakes. Even though we’re initially publishing the comic in (UKSE) English, we’re not native speakers; it’s entire possible we might slip up every now and then. We value your input! You’re also encouraged to make wild guesses in the comment-section – but if you’re somehow privy to information regarding upcoming in-world events, we respectfully urge you to avoid spoilers.

Be sure to check in… tomorrow! Bring your friends!