With four more days til launch-day, Rudy decided to give the site a nice overhaul. Probably not the last overhaul either, as we’re hoping to make this site mobile-friendly as well! But say, who is that mysterious man in the featured image?

Without giving away too much in the way of details, that would be an early draft for a recurring character, introduced by Rudy. While I’m in charge of the storylines, characters, the scripts and most of the world-building, Rudy’s input matters a great deal. Every now and then, he’ll come up with an idea or a character of his own, asking me “would this work?”, and more often than not, we can easily make it work. “Would this work?” is also a question I ask Rudy when I’m reading a panel or a few lines of character-interactions out loud; I value feedback and creative input.

Back to the images at hand! Will there be actual mermaids? Will there be metaphorical mermaids?

Maybe. Check back in soon, you might find out!



PS: if you’re as hyped as we are (and we certainly hope you are), feel free to share this link with friends and loved ones!