Six more days to go! To fully immerse yourselves, imagine a rich blend of ambient scents and sounds. The smell of buttered popcorn and the ocean breeze, the chattering of gulls, the creaking wood of a massive ship as it gently rocks on the waves, the murmur of a crow, punctuated by “ooh”s and “aah”s. For visual aid, imagine the faces above being part of the crowd!

I almost wasn’t going to use “buttered” as an adjective, because dairy is one of those things we had to reinvent. Rudy and I had to get very creative with several things that we as land-dwellers take for granted – we really hope those gambles will pay off (and not, you know, come off too heavy-handed), although of course, you are welcome to let us know in the comment-sections.

Meanwhile, there’s that character again, running through different stages of panel-completion!

Run, whoever you are! But wait, we stil haven’t caught your name!

As an aside, I really don’t think I’m giving Rudy enough credit here, because he’s working hard to get everything coloured in as well. So how about it, some colour-updates next? Check back soon!