With only eight more days to go, we thought it might be nice to show you a very literal look behind the scenes – behold, the mysterious door to our spacious office! You may have read the description in the “About Us”-page, but we really are located in a former prison-building. Currently we share a single cell-turned-office/shop-space. We plan to move to a new location within this building soon, but for now – this works!

Behold Rudy, drawing the drawings!

Behold Richard, writing the writings!

Behold Richard again, exhausted from rearranging some words!

Rudy and I each have our own workplace, but this is where we convene each week to talk scripts, events, storyboards and pages. There’s one more wall to show you, the one adjacent to my desk – but it’s plastered with sketches and storylines, and, well… spoilers!

We hope you enjoyed this little tour, such as it was. There’s more actual art on the way, check back in soon!