Ten days til launch!

Today’s preview takes you to the very heart of the circus-ring, where the audience is held captive by the performance of the fearless fire-eater. The circus itself, and some of the performers, are of significant importance in the first chapter – though we do intend to zoom out on the setting to give you proper context.

This page was iteration 2 of uh, several. We went through some pretty severe redesigns to get the look and feel of the characters and settings right – we’ll happily take you through those redesigns at a later stage, because Rudy and I decided we want to do more “behind the scenes”-stuff in these blog-posts even when the comic itself is in full swing.

We’ve got a different kind of tour planned for the next update, check back in soon!



PS: if you’d like to see more of Rudy’s art, you can find his portfolio¬†here!