If you pause your music and place your ear real close to your screen, you might just be able to hear Rudy and me, toiling away without rest. This is also why our comic may, on occasion, faintly smell like blood, sweat and/or tears.

But who are we, and what are we trying to do here? I promised you a comic, but what’s it all about? Well – to sort of answer those questions, I’ve added an “About Us”-page. But seeing as how we may just delete these pre-launch pages at some point, I guess I can answer a little bit more.

I am Richard, Rudy is a good friend and former college roommate of mine. He draws the pictures for you to enjoy, I then pollute those pictures with words. In the fullness of time I’m hoping you’ll come to think of us as your welcoming hosts, and we’ll likely post more stuff so you can get to know us some more.

Of course, it’s possible that you’re just here for the comic, which is fine! In this comic we want to take you to a world where life evolved much like on Earth, but due to circumstances, this world has a far larger amount of water on the surface than ours. Due to its scarcity, fertile land is ridiculously valuable, but people have grown greatly – even somewhat comfortably – accustomed to life on the ocean-surface.

We could tell you more and of course we will. But not today. Come back the day after tomorrow, we’ll be here. For now, please use the above snippet of one Rudy’s storyboards to tide you over! That is one particular character we’ll be very happy to introduce you to.