Uh-oh, who could this ne’er-do-well be? In fact, he looks vaguely familiar. Have we not seen him before?

Oh Riley, you just can’t enjoy a moment of quiet reflection, can you?

Though we intend for each chapter to focus on one character in particular (spoiler: for chapter two, that character is Dallas!), we want to break away from the main character every now and then to focus on other events, big and small. That, and Riley really grew on us during chapter one – initially, Rudy and I agreed that she wasn’t even going to have a speaking part in chapter two, and here she is, having her very own break-away. They grow up so fast.

Meanwhile, in a different world, David Tromp was so kind as to take his own time and effort to plug WaterFront at the Stripbeurs in Deventer, and given the quality of David’s works, we will gladly pay him in kind – so please have a look at David’s range of products and services at artwares.nl. Thank you for your support, David!

Meanwhile (again?), Rudy and I are also working on a secret project on the side – a one-off comic for a prestigious local comic-battle, where we pit our skills against those of our peers. The most exciting part of this is that we have peers now, and they want to do battle against us!

We will keep you tuned on all current events, but as always, we hope you’ll mainly return for the on-going goings-on in the wonderful world of the WaterFront. Check back soon!