And so ends the first chapter of WaterFront! It’s been a wild ride for us, we hope you’ve enjoyed the show so far.

There’s much more to come, but Rudy and I are going to have to regroup for a bit – we’ll need to set up new storyboards, butt heads over text-spacing (and – heresy of heresies – truncating!); there’s new characters to polish (including, but not limited to, the two characters in the comic above) and old ones to flesh out. Meanwhile, we’ll also be moving into a new office soon, and all we’ll be doing all of this in what is generally the busiest month of the year.

Long story short, we will be taking a hiatus.

Short story long, we don’t intend to leave you in complete radio-silence. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to go back behind the scenes, and show you storyboards you’ve never seen, blag about characters you might not have seen enough of, and help to breathe more life into the very world itself!

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. We know that some of you have been faithfully returning for the comic every week, and we’ll do our very best to get chapter two on the rails as soon as possible – for you, as much as for ourselves. So as always – check back soon!