Welcome back to another peek behind the scenes! Please be warned that, now that our first act has ended, we may freely speak about the characters, the setting and the events of chapter one. In other words – new readers, there will be so very many spoilers ahead! We would advise you to read the first chapter in its entirety (and leave a few comments, perhaps?), but we will leave this up to you.

Where to begin, where to begin? Normally, we’d start by telling you about the world, zooming in as needed, but we’ve dedicated the Waterlogged-posts specifically for world-building, not so much event-handling. Maybe we could tell you a little bit more about how the comic came to be, and then move on to the characters, the very actors, the people who put the events in motion?

Rudy and I go back a long way; we were classmates and ended up sharing a house for some time during college. Initially, we both set out to become concept-artists, but where I discovered a love of 3D-modeling and gamedesign Rudy powered through in the fields of traditional and 2D digital art. This effort pays off in the comic you read right here, as well as in his personal work (and to give my friend a plug here: you can hire him for freelance work at www.rudyfaber.com)

We kept in touch, every now and then discussing how cool it might be if we could collaborate on a project; in those cases I mainly imagined modeling a setting or a set of characters, with Rudy providing modelsheets and/or textures. Some time last year, we once again shared a workspace where we started spitballing on settings, characters and events, and that weekend we’d started working out the designs. Before long, we were building a setting that really wanted to be set, we were creating characters that wanted to be created. We decided to see where this could end up – and here we are!

Though chapter one has ended, we still have a long way to go both in terms of creating the comic, but also at being comic-creators, which is a new field for us. Personally, I like where the comic is going – but it’s compounded by the fact that I get to fulfill this old wish I had of working alongside an old friend.

Apologies, I did not mean to wax nostalgic! It’s time to get back to the here and now, or at the very least, the “there and then” of the comic. I feel it’s only fair that I start a new post specifically for our characters. Engage… the post-snipper!